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What is FootBond?

FootBond is an entertaining virtual investment Fantasy Football game that uses the results of teams in real football matches and blended with financial market dynamics.

You can participate in competitions and win without spending anything.

Those who make the right investments in the right teams WINS.

The World of FootBond has independent Tournaments, each with their own competitions.


  • Weekly Tournament Competitions
  • Challenge CUP Tournament Competitions
  • Joker CUP Tournament Competitions
  • OnBoarding Tournament Competitions

Players can participate in all competitions of all Tournaments of their choice. They can use the FootBond World assets they have won in different competitions of different countries in all FootBond competitions.

If they wish, they can convert the Coins they receive as a reward into a Gift Card within the framework of the rules.

How do I enter FootBond competitions?

FootBond publishes competitions on a daily or weekly basis within defined Tournaments. Competitions are announced to players through messages.

When you click on the Tournament you want within the application, you will see the Competition List on the first page.

You can start creating your investment portfolio by clicking on the active competition at the top of the list.

Each competition includes 7, 8, 9 or 10 matches.

Players can prepare 5 investment portfolios with defined matches in each competition.

FootBond gives each player 1000 credits for each investment portfolio.

The aim is to use these 1000 credits to invest in the teams that will generate the highes return.

Investment in teams can be a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 200 credits.

Each team has a rate of return determined by its past performance.

The team that wins the match earns profits according to the rate of return. The more invested in that team, the more profit is made.

The higher the score difference, higher the profit.

Away wins bring more profit. In matches where there is no distinction between home and away, such as cup finals and international organizations, both teams are considered as home teams.

Players use Tokens, Jokers, and Insurance to further increase their profit.

By using these tools rationally, you can strengthen your investments and get ahead of other players.

You can increase the team’s rate of return by using Tokens.

You can avoid card penalties by making Insurance.

You can double your winnings by using Joker.

After the matches are played, FootBond calculates the players’ portfolio returns and determines their profits. The player with the higher profit takes the lead.

According to the tournament reward plan, the top 1000 players will win different prizes such as Tokens, Jokers and Coins.

Some tournaments also give prizes based on the amount of profit earned.

Coins are the most valuable rewards. It can be accumulated and converted into a Gift Card.

How many competitions can I enter at the same time in FootBond World?

Players can participate in any competition of the Tournaments they want, as long as there is a quota. There are no restrictions. Competitions with full quotas become unavailable for players to choose, even if the first match has not yet started.

How do I win prizes in FootBond World?

In order to get the prize in the FootBond World, it is necessary to be in the top 1000 in the rankings or to have achieved the specified profit in the Tournament. Prizes vary depending on the Tournament type.

  • Weekly, Challenge CUP and OnBoarding Tournament competitions provide Coins, Tokens and Jokers.
  • Joker Cup competitions provide Jokers.

Rewards vary depending on Tournament and place in the rankings. The prizes of each Tournament can be seen on the Tournament page in the mobile application.

OnBoarding Tournament competitions are prepared as warm-up competitions for newly joined players. Players who participate in these competitions have the chance to learn the game faster and are rewarded with Coins, Tokens and Jokers. They also increase FootBond Points.

How did FootBond World and its competitions come about?

It started to be built on the idea of a game that combines the parameters and dynamic structure of the financial markets with the excitement and unpredictability of the sports world, and it changed and developed over time and became its current form.

How can I find detailed information about FootBond tournaments, competitions, rules and prizes?

FootBond Tournaments, Contests, Rules and Prizes document can be viewed in the mobile application and on the FootBond website.

How can I contact FootBond?

You can contact FootBond by sending an e-mail to info@footbond.net and via our social media accounts.

Is my personal information safe?

FootBond does not process data other than fulfilling player requests and making the game more enjoyable and does not share any information with third parties or institutions, so your personal information is safe.

Is there a FootBond Web app?

Footbond World Games can only be played with mobile devices that support IOS (IOS 13 and above) and Android (Android 8 and above).

By visiting the FootBond website (www.footbond.com), you can access information about the games, watch training videos about FootBond Tournaments and competitions, and access general information about the teams.

What notifications are sent from FootBond and how often do I receive them?

FootBond notifies players about daily and weekly competitions, postponed or canceled matches, and competition results.

You can send and receive nudges from your friends within FootBond.

What do FootBond World assets mean?

There are four entities in the world of FootBond.

  • Credit
  • Token
  • Joker
  • Coin
What is Credit? How to win?

The investment tool in all FootBond competitions is Credit. Each player is given 1000 Credits free of charge to use in each portfolio they make. Given Credits can only be used for the relevant portfolio, cannot be accumulated, or transferred to another portfolio. It is used to make a player’s portfolio and measure investment performance.

What is a Token? How to win, how to use?

Token is a very important asset used to make a difference in the FootBond World. Players win Tokens in the following ways.

  • As prizes in the competitions they participated in;
  • By watching Award-Winning Ads; Each Reward Video watched earns the player *10 Tokens.
  • By converting the Coins won as rewards into Tokens.
  • Using the Scan and Collect tab in the Mobile Application; Players who scan the QR code via the mobile application with other players become friends with the relevant player. Players who become friends win *100 Tokens each week by scanning the QR code. You can win a total of *1000 Tokens and *2 Jokers by scanning the QR with a total of *10 friends every week.
  • By scanning the QR codes distributed by FootBond Business Partners and obtaining Tokens.

The asset that has the widest usage area in the game is Token, it is used in the following areas.

  • To increase the teams’ rate of return, or reduce the opposing team’s rate of return,
  • To insure teams against yellow and red card penalties,
  • To convert it into Joker, you can get *1 Joker in exchange for *250 Tokens.

* FootBond may make changes to the specified quantities and rates.

What is Joker? How to win, how to use?

Players can win Joker in the following ways.

  • As a reward; Players can win Jokers based on their ranking.
  • By converting your existing Tokens into Joker; *250 Token *1 Joker.
  • By scanning the QR codes distributed by FootBond Business Partners and obtaining Joker.

There are two types of Jokers in FootBond competitions. The player can use his Joker in any type he wants.

  • D-Joker: Doubles the return on investment when used together.
  • P-Joker: It prevents any loss from the investment it is used with, and has no effect on earnings.

* FootBond may make changes to the specified quantities and rates.

What is Coin? How to win, how to spend?

It is the only asset type in the FootBond world that can be converted into a Gift Card. Players can win Coins in the following ways.

  • As a reward; The player wins Coins depending on his/her ranking in the competitions.
  • By bringing new Players to FootBond and being selected as a Referrer; The player selected as the Referrer wins *50 Coins for each new player. Likewise, the player who registers as a Referrer also wins *50 Coins.
  • In return for the Tokens used by players who registered you as a Referrer; The player wins *1 Coin for every *1000 Tokens used by the player who chooses him/her as a Referrer for *90 days.

The more players you recruit to FootBond, the more Coins you can win.

Coins can be converted into Gift Cards when they exceed *1500. Coins can be converted into Tokens and used in competitions. 1 Coin is *100 Tokens.

* FootBond may make changes to the specified quantities and rates.

How do I win Coins by recruiting players to FootBond?

FootBond rewards everyone who brings in new players by referring them with *50 Coins. In addition to earning *50 Coins when you recruit a new player, your Coin earnings continue to increase as the player you recruit participates in competitions on FootBond and uses Tokens. Every new player’s Token usage will earn you Coins for *90 days.

In order to collect the Coins earned by the players you recruited to FootBond, you must enter the Best List after the results of the competitions are announced and click on the Coin icon at the top. In this way, you can see how many players you brought to FootBond participated in that competition and add the Coins they brought to you to your Wallet.

To take advantage of this opportunity, ask your friend who installed FootBond to identify you as a “Referrer”. On the account page, write your Nickname in the Referrer field and you and your friend will earn *50 Coins each.

Let the Tokens used by the players who defined you as a referrer in every competition they participate in earn you Coins.

* FootBond may make changes to the specified quantities and rates.

What are the rules for creating a portfolio? How many teams should I invest in a portfolio?

The minimum number of teams to invest in when creating a portfolio is set on the Update Portfolio page. It is shown as a match. When the number of teams shown here is invested in and all the Credits given to the player for the portfolio are spent, the color of the box containing the portfolio numbers turns green and the portfolio becomes valid. Don’t forget to save your portfolio…!

After the tournament is launched, if a match is canceled or postponed until the first match starts, this match will be marked red in the portfolio and the Min. The number of matches decreases by the number of canceled matches. You should be careful not to invest in matches marked as cancelled.

Is there a limit to the investment I can make in a team when creating a portfolio?

The minimum investment amount for a team is *20 Credits, the maximum investment amount is *200 Credits.

* FootBond may make changes to the specified quantities and rates.

Is there a quick way to create a portfolio?

After creating your first portfolio on the Update Portfolio page, you can copy the portfolio to another portfolio exactly, thanks to the copy feature. The Token and Joker used during copying are transferred as is if there is sufficient amount in the Wallet. If there are not enough Tokens and Jokers in your wallet, only the Credit amounts will be copied. At the end of the copying process, desired changes can be made in the new portfolio. Unsaved portfolios do not become valid.

What is a Group? How can I create a group? How can I join groups?

FootBond allows you to compete in your chosen group as well as in the general classification. Players participating in the games published by FootBond are ranked separately within the group according to their earnings. Each player can create 5 groups and join 5 different groups at the same time. Each group is ranked individually. With group use, departments in companies, school classes, and groups of friends can compete among themselves and experience the excitement of football and competition.

How is my portfolio's earnings calculated?

After all matches in the competition are finished, FootBond carries out the necessary checks and operates the following processes.

  • Calculation
  • Ranking
  • Distributing Prizes.

After these processes are completed, the winner is announced via notification. Players can view the rankings, awards, and all winning portfolios in detail through the application.

How long does it take for the competition results to be announced?

The calculation process varies depending on the end times of the matches; the results of the competitions that end at night are announced early next morning.

What does a Player's ranking mean?

Players are ranked according to the earnings generated by their portfolios, and the owner of the portfolio with the highest earnings comes first and receives the grand prize. Players are given the prizes specified in the Tournament according to their ranking.

What is ‘Friend’ at FootBond? Why should I create a Friends record?

You can increase the dose of competition and excitement by playing FootBond with your friends. To add a friend to FootBond, you must scan their QR code using the Scan & Collect option. Players whose QR code you scan appear in your Friends List. You can increase the competition and fun by sending one of the fun nudges to your friends.

It is not necessary to be together physically to scan the QR code, you can also scan via video call and make friends without any boundaries. You can also scan the QR code using tools such as Zoom and Google Meet.

Making friends and scanning their QR codes will additionally earn you Tokens and Jokers. Every QR code you scan with 10 of your friends every week will earn you *100 Tokens. Earn 1 Joker for every *10 QR scan.

In addition to earning Tokens and Jokers, each QR scan increases your FootBond Point and Social Investor point. While the winners of the Games you participate in are determined, those with the highest FootBond Point come forward in the winning equation. The higher your FootBond Point, the more you can benefit from the opportunities FootBond will offer you in the future.

* FootBond may make changes to the specified quantities and rates.

How do I add other players to my follow list?

Using the Follow tab, you can add players whose nicknames you know to your Followers list.

You can see the players who follow you, and you can follow them too.

You can review the investments of the players you follow during and after the matches.

Is it possible to see the portfolio of a specific user in detail?

You can see the portfolios of the players you added to your follow list after the first match in the game starts, and you can watch the profits of your portfolio in real time as the matches are played.

The portfolios of the players on your Friends List on FootBond can also be viewed during and after the matches.

Where does data about matches come from and how often is it refreshed?

The data obtained through the data provider is updated at intervals determined by FootBond. During the calculation phase, the accuracy of all data is ensured using various sources and earnings calculations are made with verified data.

What games are included in FootBond World?

There are four different Tournaments in the world of FootBond and each has competitions played daily or weekly. You can participate in any competition of any Tournament you want, without paying any financial fee.

  • “Weekly Tournament Competitions” (Weekly)
  • “Challenge CUP Tournament Competitions” (CC)
  • “Joker CUP Tournament Competitions” (JC)
  • “OnBoarding Tournament Competitions” (OnBoarding)
Can I get information about the form of the teams in the competitions and the results of their last matches through the application?

The form status of the teams in the competitions and the results obtained in the last matches can be accessed through the application. When you click on team names while creating a new portfolio, the Team Analysis and Statistics page for that match will open.

During and after the matches are played, the statistics of the match can be viewed by clicking on the names of the teams.

In Weekly tournaments, you can see the results of the teams on FootBond on a week-by-week basis since the beginning of the season.

Can I see the rankings and fixtures of the leagues in the Weekly tournaments?

The rankings and fixtures of the leagues in the Weekly tournaments can be accessed on the application.

Why should I get insurance for the teams I invest in?

Yellow and red cards received by the team you invest in will reduce your portfolio income. You can make insurance for *10 Tokens for the match you choose and protect your investment from possible losses against the cards that will be received in that match.

* FootBond may make changes to the specified quantities and rates.

Why should I increase the rate of return of the team I invest in?

Teams generate revenue at the rate of return determined by FootBond. By using tokens, you can increase the rate of return of the team you invest in by up to 1 point.

One of the most important tools you will use to make a difference is to increase the team’s rate of return.

If you wish, you can lower rate of return of the opponent the team by up to 1 point for *10 tokens. Remember, if your team loses, you lose with your opponent’s rate of return.

* FootBond may make changes to the specified quantities and rates.

What is FootBond Point? For what purpose is it used?

FootBond Point is a ranking score determined by your activities and achievements within FootBond in the last *100 days.

It is calculated in 4 categories:

  1. FootBond Lover: You collect points for every day you open the FootBond app. You get additional points from opening 4 days in a row. Opening it 7 days in a row will earn you even more points.
  2. Skilled Investor: Winning first places and ranking high in FootBond competitions earns you Skilled Investor points.
  3. Smart Investor: The Token, Insurance and Joker used when creating your FootBond portfolios earn you Skilled Investor points. Every valid portfolio you make will also increase your score.
  4. Social Investor: Friend and Sponsor QR codes you scan in FootBond not only earn you Tokens and Jokers, but also Social Investor points. Every new player you bring to FootBond increases your Social Investor point.

When players receive the same score in the competition, the ranking is based on the players’ FootBond Point when they entered the competition, with the player with the higher FootBond Point taking the lead.

Players with high FootBond Points have the right to participate in special tournaments.

From time to time, FootBond distributes special rewards to players with high FootBond Points.

* FootBond may make changes to the specified quantities and rates.

What happens if the matches in the tournaments are cancelled?

Match cancellations, postponements, abandoned matches are inevitable realities of the football world, but do not worry, the excitement continues as long as the number of matches in the competition does not fall below *7.

If match cancellation(s) occur after the first match of the competition has started, the portfolios of players who have invested in these matches remain valid. Postponed and canceled matches are not taken into account in the calculations.

If match cancellation(s) occur before the start time of the first match of the competition, a message is sent to all players to update their portfolios and shift their investments in canceled matches to other matches. Canceled matches are marked red in the mobile application and players are informed not to invest in these matches.

If the number of matches played falls below *7 due to canceled matches, the competition will be canceled and the Tokens and Jokers they used will be refunded to the players.

* FootBond may make changes to the specified quantities and rates.

What happens if I receive a phone call or experience an internet outage while making my investments, or if I take a break from using the application?

You made your investments and wanted to save your portfolio, but you are experiencing internet connection problems, will the information in your portfolio be lost?

No, when the FootBond app has problems recording, it notifies you that it cannot record and makes the red Pencil icon visible on the Home Page and Contest List page.

When the internet connection problem is resolved, you can restore and save the Portfolio that you could not save by pressing the Pencil icon. Once the recording process is completed, the Pen icon will disappear.

The same scenario also occurs when an application that has not been used for a long time or has been kept in the background, is restarted. For example, you were working on a portfolio, and you received a phone call, so you took a break from playing and made a phone call. When you open the application again, you can return to the interrupted portfolio by pressing the Pen icon. When the registration process is completed successfully, the Pen icon disappears.

How do I get my Gift Card?

You can request a Gift Card when the Coins in your wallet reach 1500.

To convert your coins into Gift Cards, click the Wallet button on the Home Page and go to the Wallet page. Then, by clicking the Convert to Gift Card button, you will reach the Select Gift Card page. You can submit your request by following the directions in the application. Gift Card information will be sent to you via email.

Why should I use Joker in my portfolio?

One of the most important moves that will bring you success in the game is the use of Joker.

If the team you use D-Joker wins, you double your winnings. But remember, if the team you use the Joker on loses, your loss will be doubled. P-Joker won’t hurt you even if the team you use loses.

What information can other players see?

Your Nickname, Avatar, and FootBond Point are included in any portfolio you make. Other players know you by your Nickname. When they review your investments, they can see your Nickname, Avatar, FootBond Points, and any prizes you won in that contest.

By clicking on your avatar, they can view your Profile Page.

Your Name, Surname, email and phone number that you define when creating an account are only for your FootBond account registration and will not be shared with other players.

Can I edit my user account and profile?

You can access the Account page by clicking the Account link from the Menu. On this page, you can update the Name, Surname, Nickname and Email information you entered when registering to the application. Your phone number cannot be changed.

Don’t forget to save after updating your account page.

You can access your Profile Page from the page to the right of your Account page.

You can customize your Avatar on the Profile Page by clicking the Pencil icon next to it.

You can enter your slogan and determine your mode by clicking on the emojis.

You can choose which groups you want to join to.

When you make changes to your Profile Page, don’t forget to save it.

Can I delete my account?

Yes, you can inform FootBond that you want to delete your account by going to the Account page from the Menu and following the “Permanently Delete My Account” link at the bottom of the page. To delete your Footbond account, please visit footbond.com/delete_account. Before deleting your account, the application will ask you to enter your phone number and receive confirmation. After approval, the connection between your FootBond account and your phone number will be severed, and your account information will be deleted. The Nickname you use cannot be used by others for a while.

FootBond fulfills your request by following the necessary procedures. At the end of the deletion process, all personal data will be permanently deleted. FootBond will store anonymized historical data (e.g. competitions placed) necessary for the consistency of its infrastructure.

After deletion, you will never be able to access your old account again. If you want to re-enter FootBond, the application will re-receive your registration information.

Please note that this deletion is permanent, and you cannot reactivate your deleted account later.

Can I share my game achievements on Social Media?

If you want, you can share the results you get in the games by adding your selfie to Instagram and Facebook, or send them to the people you want via email or WhatsApp message.

Where can I report a bug or provide feedback on improvements?

You may deliver your bug reports by using “Feedback” link in the footer section. You can also submit any feedback that will help us improve FootBond via the same link.

Thank you very much for all your feedback, we will take it into consideration in future versions to ensure you have a better FootBond experience.


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