How To Play


There are four different Tournaments in the world of FootBond and each has competitions played daily or weekly. You can participate in any tournament of your choice, without paying any financial fee.
How To Play


1000 Credits are in your pocket. Now, it's time to decide which teams to invest in. Use your credit wisely and increase your earnings! You can invest a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 200 credits in teams. You must use all your credits. If you want, you can participate in the competition by preparing 5 different portfolios.
How To Play


What's your strategy? Which teams will you invest in? Teams' return rates are determined by the FootBond algorithm based on their previous performance. Remember, you have no chance to make changes to your portfolio after the first match starts!
How To Play


The excitement begins! The matches have started, and we are close to winning. Follow the progress of the matches closely and compare your strategy with your opponents.
How To Play


It's championship time! The competition has ended, calculations have been made and prizes have been distributed. You've fought your way to the top and now it's time to collect your winnings! You can see the Coins, Tokens and Jokers you have earned in your wallet.
How To Play


When the coins in your wallet exceed 1500, you can convert them into a gift card if you wish. You get a GoGift gift card valid in 65 countries and use it in any country you want.

How to Play?

Players create a portfolio for each competition they participate in and invest with 1,000 Credits provided by FootBond. The number of matches in the competitions is determined by FootBond and it is mandatory to invest in each match.

Players must spend all 1,000 Credits.

The minimum number of credits to be invested in a team can be 20 and maximum 200.

The color of the box containing the numbers of the portfolios turns to green when all credit spent in accordance to the rules and one team in all matches are invested.

After investments are made, transactions must be recorded. Portfolios whose portfolio number box is red or have not been saved will not be evaluated.

Profit earned from a team depends on the teams’ return rate, score difference, the cards received and whether they are home or away teams in the match.

“As the score difference increases, the gain increases. Away wins provide higher returns. If the invested team loses the match, the loss occurs according to the return rate of the opposing team.”

Teams’ return rates are calculated by FootBond algorithms according to the performance of the teams and are announced before the game starts. More successful teams have a lower rate of return, while relatively less successful teams have a higher rate of return.

Players can increase the team’s return rate
within certain rules by using FootBond world
assets such as Jokers and Tokens or
double their winnings by using

At the end of the competition, players are ranked according to their earnings and the player with the highest earnings wins the grand prize.

Players can use their Tokens to insure their investments to prevent losses that may occur due to yellow and red cards.

Another parameter that affects the players’ earnings is the yellow and red cards received by the teams. Teams receive penalty points depending on the number of yellow and red cards they receive. Every card the team receives has a negative effect on the player’s winnings. Each yellow card reduces the team’s return rate by 0.1 points, each red card reduces the team’s return rate by 0.8 points. When the sum of yellow and red card penalties reaches 2.0, no further deductions will be made.

All games are played using an internet connection through mobile applications developed for IOS and Android. The player must use a valid Mobile Phone number when registering with FootBond.

Teams’ return rates are determined differently depending on the Tournament type. In Weekly return rates are determined by evaluating the performances of the teams is recent years according to FootBond criteria. Return rates are determined at the beginning of the season and remain constant for the first 4 weeks of the season, and in the following weeks, the team’s rank in the League determines the return rate.

Return rates in the Challenge Cup Tournament and Joker Cup Tournament are determined according to the order obtained by comparing the current performances of the Teams in the competition.

Players can increase the rate of returns of the teams they invest in by up to 1 point or decrease the rate of return of the opposing team by up to 1 point in return for Tokens.

The stated rate of return determines the income earned if the home team wins the match by 1 goal difference. As the score difference increases, the rate of return increases in increments of 0.25. For example, if a team with a rate of return 2 wins the match 1-0, 2 is used as the rate of return. If the team wins the match 2-0, the rate of return is multiplied by 1.25 and becomes 2.5. If the team wins the match 3-0, the rate of return is multiplied by 1.5 and becomes 3.

FootBond rewards the team that wins away games. The rate of return of the away team winning is multiplied by 1.5. For example, if the team with a rate of return 2 wins 1-0 away, the rate of return is multiplied by 1.5 and becomes 3. If the team wins the match 2-0, the rate of return is multiplied by 1.75 and becomes 3.5. If the team wins the match 3-0, the rate of return is multiplied by 2 and becomes 4.

The rate of return increases depending on the score difference and remains constant after 10 differences.

In summary, when the team wins with higher score difference, it earns more, and when it achieves the same result away, it earns even more.

When the invested team loses the match, it produces a loss at the rate of return of the losing team, depending on the score difference.

In case of a draw, the home team’s rate of return is reduced to 0, and the away team’s rate of return is halved. In a draw, the away team generates half the return for its investor, while the home team earns nothing for its investor.



To win a prize in FootBond, you need to be in the top 1000 in the rankings! Each tournament offers different prizes. Here are the prizes you can win;


In this tournament consisting of weekly league matches, the player with the highest return wins the biggest prize. The best 1000 players competing in this tournament competitions, gradually get the chance to win Coin, Token and Joker prizes. In addition, all players are gradually rewarded with a different number of Jokers according to the profits they make. You can see the prizes of the tournaments in the mobile application.


The best 1000 players who participate in the Challenge Cup tournament competitions, which are prepared daily and include selected competitive matches, gradually get the chance to win Coins, Tokens and Jokers. In addition, all players are gradually rewarded with a different number of Jokers according to the profits they make. You can see the prizes of the tournaments in the mobile application.


Matches are selected all over the world. Joker prizes are given to the players in the top 10. In addition, all players are gradually rewarded with a different number of Jokers according to the profits they make. You can see the prizes of the tournaments in the mobile application.


Players participating in this tournament have the chance to learn the game faster and are rewarded with Coins, Tokens and Jokers.


The amount and nature of the prizes vary depending on the Tournament type. Tokens, Jokers and Coins from FootBond world assets are given as rewards.

Won Tokens, Jokers and Coins are kept in the players’ wallets and can be used in any FootBond tournament. The Coins won by the player can be converted into Gift Cards. To convert into a Gift Card, the player must have at least 1500 Coins in their wallet.

If the player wishes, he can convert the Coins he has won in the game and use them as Tokens. 1 Coin is worth 100 Tokens.

A certain number of Tokens, Jokers and Coins are loaded into the wallets of players who enter the FootBond world, as a one-time welcome gift.

joker 1

Players can use the Tokens, Jokers and Coins loaded into their wallets in any FootBond tournament they want.

Tokens, Jokers and Coins in the player’s wallet never expire and can be used in all FootBond tournaments every season.

FootBond Points


You can see your FootBond Point on the homepage. When you click on it, it will direct you to the page where you will see your points in more detail.
FootBond Points


Increase your FootBond Score and stand out in the rankings. Access privileged opportunities.
FootBond Points


Enter FootBond every day and your score will increase. Enter 4 days in a row and your points will double. Enter 7 days in a row and win even more!
FootBond Points


Get ranked in tournaments. Increase your Skilled Investor score. Play more, win more.
FootBond Points


Use the tools that FootBond offers you, such as Token and Joker. Increase the return rate of more teams, make more insurance, and your Smart Investor score will increase.
FootBond Points


Play FootBond with your friends. Have them scan their QR Codes every week. Earn rewards and increase your score. FootBond is better with your friends.

FootBond Point

FootBond Point is a ranking score determined by your activities and achievements within FootBond in the last 100 days. It is constantly visible on the home page, starts from scratch when you first enter the game, and increases as you open the application, play, spend Tokens and Jokers, and socialize with your friends by scanning the QR code.

  • FootBond Point is determined by evaluating in four separate categories;
    • FootBond Lover,
    • Skilled Investor,
    • Smart Investor,
    • Social Investor.

The total impact of each category has different weights, with the highest weight belonging to the Skilled Investor category.

“From time to time, FootBond distributes special rewards to players with high FootBond Points.”

Your FootBond Point increases every day you open the application, when you open it for 4 consecutive days, 7 days in a row, if you are successful in tournaments and ranked, when you make more portfolios, when you spend Jokers and Tokens, when you scan your friends’ QR codes and socialize.

When players receive the same score in the competition, the ranking is made according to the FootBond Point of the players when they participated in the competition, the player with the higher FootBond Point takes the lead.

Players with high FootBond Points
have the right to participate
in special tournaments.



You can join 5 different groups with your portfolio from the competitions you participated in. Each Group's ranking is done on its own. Make your group selections from the Group tab under the Hamburger menu.


Each player can form up to 5 Groups. In this way, you can compete with your company or school friends and experience the excitement of competition among yourself.


If you want only certain players to be included in the group you created, you can define a password.

Play with Friends Join Groups

FootBond allows you to compete in your chosen group as well as in the general classification. Players participating in competitions published by FootBond are also ranked within the Group they choose according to their earnings.

Each player can create up to 5 Groups and join 5 separate Groups. Each Group’s ranking is done on its own.

With group usage, departments, classes, and groups of friends in companies can compete among themselves and experience the excitement of football and competition.

You can make your group selections from the Group tab under the Hamburger menu and create your own groups from the same page. Players can search for Groups and join the Group they want from the Edit Group selections page.

If you want only certain players to be included in the Group you created, you can define a password for the Group you created.

Portfolio Tracking


Select your portfolio to track your portfolio's returns while matches are being played. See match scores and follow your current earnings.
Portfolio Tracking


Track the performance of your portfolios. See which portfolio makes how much profit on the Portfolio Performance screen.
Portfolio Tracking


Share the current status of your portfolio on your social media accounts by clicking the share icon on the top right.
Portfolio Tracking


Follow your friends' performances and review their investments by clicking on the list icon. Send nudges to your friends by clicking on the emojis.
Portfolio Tracking


Click the list button to track the performance of people on your follow list.

Track Your Performance in Competitions

You can monitor the performance of your portfolios in ongoing competitions in real time via the FootBond application. As the minutes pass, you can see the effects of the goals scored, the cards received and the tools you use to strengthen your portfolio on your earnings.

You can also follow the portfolios of other competitors on the application. FootBond infrastructure prevents new investments from the start of the first match in the competition and allows the portfolios to be visible to other competitors.

In order to see the portfolios of other contestants, you must either become friends by scanning the QR Code with the contestant whose portfolio you want to see, or search for the player’s nickname via the Follow tab in the Hamburger menu and add it to your Following list.

You can see the portfolios of your friends and the players you added to your Following list after the first match of the competition starts, and you can watch the earnings of their portfolio in real time as the matches are played.

You can increase the dose of competition and excitement by playing FootBond with your friends. To add a friend to FootBond, you must scan their QR code using the Scan & Collect option. Players whose QR code you scan appear in your Friends List.

You can increase competition and fun by sending one of the fun nudge messages to your friends.