About Us

A Fun Way to Win with Your Football Knowledge by Competing on Equal Conditions

FootBond is an exciting and strategy-based game world designed for Football enthusiasts. Here you can win big rewards by making smart investments in your favorite teams. Moreover, without spending any money and with the guarantee of competing under completely equal conditions!


What do we offer?

Strategic Investment Games: Show your football knowledge and investment strategy. Compete with your friends and other players, rank high in the rankings and collect rewards.

Various Tournaments: Different rewards are waiting for you with Weekly, Challenge Cup, Joker Cup and Onboarding Tournaments.

Real Rewards: You can convert the Coins you earn into gift certificates provided by GoGift. You can also gain an advantage in the game with Token and Joker rewards.

Fair and Equal Conditions: In FootBond, everyone competes under equal conditions. Win without spending anything, just with your knowledge and strategy!

Inclusive Community: We provide football fans with a brand new environment to enjoy. We would like to see you among us.


Our values

Fairness and Transparency:
Our game rules and reward system are designed to be transparent and fair.

Our aim is to provide football lovers with a good gaming experience. Enjoy the competition!

Football means passion, and we do our job for you with passion.

We are constantly enriching your gaming experience with innovative ideas and features.



What is FootBond?

FootBond is an entertaining virtual investment Fantasy Football game that uses the results of teams in real football matches and blended with financial market dynamics.

You can participate in competitions and win without spending anything.

Those who make the right investments in the right teams WINS.

The World of FootBond has independent Tournaments, each with their own competitions.


  • Weekly Tournament Competitions
  • Challenge CUP Tournament Competitions
  • Joker CUP Tournament Competitions
  • OnBoarding Tournament Competitions

Players can participate in all competitions of all Tournaments of their choice. They can use the FootBond World assets they have won in different competitions of different countries in all FootBond competitions.

If they wish, they can convert the Coins they receive as a reward into a Gift Card within the framework of the rules.

How do I enter FootBond competitions?

FootBond publishes competitions on a daily or weekly basis within defined Tournaments. Competitions are announced to players through messages.

When you click on the Tournament you want within the application, you will see the Competition List on the first page.

You can start creating your investment portfolio by clicking on the active competition at the top of the list.

Each competition includes 7, 8, 9 or 10 matches.

Players can prepare 5 investment portfolios with defined matches in each competition.

FootBond gives each player 1000 credits for each investment portfolio.

The aim is to use these 1000 credits to invest in the teams that will generate the highes return.

Investment in teams can be a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 200 credits.

Each team has a rate of return determined by its past performance.

The team that wins the match earns profits according to the rate of return. The more invested in that team, the more profit is made.

The higher the score difference, higher the profit.

Away wins bring more profit. In matches where there is no distinction between home and away, such as cup finals and international organizations, both teams are considered as home teams.

Players use Tokens, Jokers, and Insurance to further increase their profit.

By using these tools rationally, you can strengthen your investments and get ahead of other players.

You can increase the team’s rate of return by using Tokens.

You can avoid card penalties by making Insurance.

You can double your winnings by using Joker.

After the matches are played, FootBond calculates the players’ portfolio returns and determines their profits. The player with the higher profit takes the lead.

According to the tournament reward plan, the top 1000 players will win different prizes such as Tokens, Jokers and Coins.

Some tournaments also give prizes based on the amount of profit earned.

Coins are the most valuable rewards. It can be accumulated and converted into a Gift Card.

How many competitions can I enter at the same time in FootBond World?

Players can participate in any competition of the Tournaments they want, as long as there is a quota. There are no restrictions. Competitions with full quotas become unavailable for players to choose, even if the first match has not yet started.

How do I win prizes in FootBond World?

In order to get the prize in the FootBond World, it is necessary to be in the top 1000 in the rankings or to have achieved the specified profit in the Tournament. Prizes vary depending on the Tournament type.

  • Weekly, Challenge CUP and OnBoarding Tournament competitions provide Coins, Tokens and Jokers.
  • Joker Cup competitions provide Jokers.

Rewards vary depending on Tournament and place in the rankings. The prizes of each Tournament can be seen on the Tournament page in the mobile application.

OnBoarding Tournament competitions are prepared as warm-up competitions for newly joined players. Players who participate in these competitions have the chance to learn the game faster and are rewarded with Coins, Tokens and Jokers. They also increase FootBond Points.

How did FootBond World and its competitions come about?

It started to be built on the idea of a game that combines the parameters and dynamic structure of the financial markets with the excitement and unpredictability of the sports world, and it changed and developed over time and became its current form.



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